Interstate 4 (I-4) Widening Project

Memorial Blvd to County Line Road, Lakeland

For this project, ECON carried out the construction layout and staking services for all infrastructural improvements required by the General Contractor, Smith and Company, Inc., and their subcontractors. F.D.O.T. estimated the time frame of the project to be 18 months, however, ECON was able to complete the entire process in under 365 days. Accelerated realization of the project was made possible due to enhanced staffing and increased allocation of resources, reflected in a general commitment of 6 day work weeks and 12-14 hour work days. Surveying services included Horizontal and Vertical Control, Centerline of Construction, Rough Grade Layout for Roadways, as well as Rough and Finish Grade Layout for Drainage and Retention Ponds. Central to the project, was ECON’s design of “Tie-ins” to the west end of the Polk Park Way (S.R. 570) which involved a “Clover Leaf” interchange impacting both North and South Frontage Roads, an additional Clover Leaf interchange at County Line Road, Swindell Road, Clark Road, Galloway Road and various bridge approaches and embankments.