Lakeland, Florida

Located in South Lakeland, Florida, this 4.5 star golf course and country club also includes a planned unit development with over 650 homesites positioned over 410 acres. ECON’s team worked extensively with the developer as well as the courses designer, Ron Garl to optimize utilization of the natural and existing terrain, which consisted mostly of rolling hills and man made lakes. Situated on reclaimed phosphate mining land, ECON’s provided design for an elaborate storm water management system that discharged to the Alafia River Basin. Additionally, ECON made use of innovative sustainable and conservation oriented strategies in the overall site concept, especially for its time. The course was irrigated with reclaimed water, and made the preservation of the site’s natural beauty one of the most important goals, given that the course lay adjacent to a wildlife preserve, and an area where Osprey, Bald Eagles and other vital species hunted and resided. Other primary areas of service included: Boundary and Topographic Surveying, Land Use Zoning and Planning