ECON Names New Director of Planning

ECON, local engineering, surveying and  planning  firm with offices in Lakeland and Winter Haven, has named Mike Wadley as its new Director of Planning.

Mr. Wadley has over 30 years of experience in land planning,  is well versed in collaborating with a team of professionals to take a project from the client’s vision through occupancy.

“My philosophy over my career is that “the local  government is your partner” through all phases of a project from its  inception, master planning, engineering, permitting, construction and finally  occupancy,” said Mr. Wadley.   He has been successful in working with local governments to  solve problems and achieve a client’s goals within budget and schedule  using this approach.  According to Mr. Wadley, “this would not have been possible  in many cases without close coordination and cooperation with local  government staff and officials.”

Mr. Wadley  remains active in many professional and civic associations through  volunteering.  Currently he also serves as Chairman of the Northridge  CRA  Advisory Board for Polk County.  He received his Bachelors in Economics from the University of Central Florida.