Director of Water Resources

Drainage, Storm water Management, Flood Control

Ali Sharif has extensive experience in the fields of water resources and environmental engineering. He has had experience with the design of utilities for a number of site development projects in the States of New York, New Jersey, and California, and more recently in Mid Florida. Ali has also worked on a number of large federal government flood control projects. He has been responsible for hydraulic analysis, design, risk management, inspection, and certification of many flood control projects in Chesapeake Bay Watershed when working for US Corps of Engineers in Baltimore District.

Ali Sharif experience include:

-Stormwater management, drainage, and flood control analysis and design for residential, commercial, and industrial land development projects in Los Angles, Kern, San Bernardino, and Riverside Counties in California.

-Stormwater management, drainage, and flood control analysis and design for highway projects in New Jersey. Including, including Springhill Road Reconstruction Project, Montgomery Township, NJ, Route 525 in Holland Township, New Jersey.

-Review of Storm water management plans for three townships in West Chester County, New York, including review and approval of Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant in Westchester County.

-Stormwater Pollution Study for Peach Lake, New York, Funded by Environmental Protection Agency.

-Hydraulics, hydrologic, and risk and uncertainty analysis of 3.8 miles of flood control system in Susquehanna River, in Scranton, PA. 

-Hydraulics, hydrologic, and Risk and uncertainty analysis of the flood control system in Codorus Creek, in York, PA.  

-Prepared Design Criteria and Design Document Reports for construction of Flood Control Facilities in New Orleans in coordination with design teams from HNTB, ARCADIS, and US Army Corps of Engineers.

-Flood Control Study in Dry Canyon Channel in the City of Simi Valley, California:He Performed hydraulic analysis and flood plane analysis and performed Cost-Benefit Study for 4,900 feet of channel, with a one hundred design flow of 3,200 cfs.

-Coastal Engineering and Design of Shore Protection Systems; performed wind and wave transport analysis for the design of shore protection systems in Aberdeen Proving Ground in the Chesapeake Bay for a total length of about 4.5 miles, and for Greenbury Point shoreline in the Chesapeake Bay, with a total length of 1.2 miles. Shoreline protection systems were designed using Revetments, Breakwaters, Sills, and marshland.

Ali received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Civil/Environmental engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, and PhD degree from State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo) in Environmental Engineering, concentrating on transport of flow and pollutants in surface waters and groundwater. Ali is registered in State of New York and is transferring his License to State of Florida.